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Is LDG Dead?...

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Is LDG Dead?... Empty Is LDG Dead?...

Post  redecho129 on July 21st 2015, 18:58

Friends, I am unsure if anyone even uses this forum anymore, in fact, i'm unsure if it will even allow me to post this topic. But I just wanted to say what enormous sorrow I feel when I think of the tight nit community we once were, and what we've become today. It's been over a year since there has been a post on the forum, so I doubt anyone will be reading this for a long time. I'm not sure where it all began to fall apart, perhaps it was after Madam Ninja and Taco left. Whatever the case, It shouldn't have ended in the way it did. If we were going down as a community, we should have gone out with a BANG. not a whimper. As i stare into my computer screen, thinking I'm probably only writing to myself, I have to wonder - is there any chance of us being the clan we once were? Quite frankly, I believe that we throw that word around far too often now. clan. A clan is defined as seperate households whom have a common ancestor. that means in some form, the members of a clan are family. WE are family. and even though most of us don't talk anymore, or play together very often, that bond is still very much unbroken. we remain loyal to one another even though we may have forgotten about one another. and that is why I believe that LDG can return to it's former glory. It will not just HAPPEN. It will only happen through dedication and committment by those in the community. We have to begin to PLAY with one another again. we have to REMIND ourselves how much we really genuinely enjoyed each other's company. you know, we have 44 members in this community that are registered on the forum, and I'm only friends with maybe 10 members online. And the last time I played with any of them was like a month ago. and before that it could have been a few years for all I know. and that is sad. Please. Come back to play. Make LDG great again. I will be online tonight from 10 until around 4. If anyone would like to keep this dream alive, I urge you to join me. This is the first and the last post I will make on this forum. I'm signing off.

-LDG redecho129

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